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2024 Legislative Priorities

A mesonet weather system is a collection of weather stations. In Tennessee, having stations in all 95 counties would provide real-time data on current conditions and give local officials  information needed to improve early warning systems. 

Tennessee Emergency Management Agency recently requested funding from the state for a mesonet, and Protect TN supports this request. 

The Flood Predictor Tool is currently deployed in a pilot program. This machine learning flood-risk technology uses up-to-the-minute data to provide high-quality predictions about how flood events will affect communities. This tool is a key tool in the toolbox for communities doing disaster planning and hazard risk mitigation projects.


TEMA has also included this tool in its funding request, Protect TN supports this request. 

The Resilient Tennessee Revolving Loan Fund Act (HB 1684 / SB 2082)  will help connect Tennessee communities to funds from the federal government to reduce the impact of future natural disasters through the STORM Act.

Protect TN endorses HB 1684 / SB 2082. 

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